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Aquilano.Rimondi - Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Milan (ITW)

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It is in a beautiful medieval palace in piazza dei mercanti that tommaso aquilano and roberto rimondi set the scene for a collection that refers to the past, but still remains modern. high current trends, japanese influence captures the colourful geometry of picasso, patterns of commedia dell'arte and the circus in "la strada" of fellini or extravagant couture of roberto capucci. the mixture of brocades, oganza and silk graphics are structured by obi belts and cuts reminiscent of origami. a real work of the italian couture where each piece is unique, and marked by poetry. music from fashion show tommaso aquilano : we started with picasso by colour, after we worked with the irony of the masquerade of venice, then increasingly with the italian couture of mr. capucci. each mix refers to the image of japan, that's why it becomes a completely italian product and at the same time, each silhouette, each outfit and each dress, are different to each other. firstly there is a lot of research on fabrics. we worked exclusively with all jacquards, there are geometric jacquards, worked in brocade or jacquard with gold, they are all mixed with each other, and then they are mixed again, with prints exclusively made for us. we are confident that it is now possible to transform the italian couture into something a little more 'fashion'. roberto rimondi : the thing we want to talk a lot about and which tommaso stated, is that we want to talk about our italian culture, like there is a french culture, and that everyone can enjoy.