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Derek Lam Spring Summer Collection 2013 in New York (ITW)

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For summer 2013, derek lam relies on an easy and practical way to dress. the skin is also in the spotlight with distinguished work on leather materials, both structural and sensual for the designer. trench coats, wrapped sweaters, skirts with embroidered patches of rhodoid or just simply hooked on, everything here is reinvented to compose a wardrobe that is both innovative and feminine. music from the show derek lam : what's great with leathers and skins is that it has structure but it's still sensual, there's amazing body and it's a wonderful way to express colour. i wanted to do a spring summer collection where you break the expectation of pastels or whites to introduce a new palette, a warm palette. i didn't want to do sequins, or traditional evening, i wanted something that was really of this moment, so using technology to create a new evening look. tom pecheux : it's a makeup all transparent, colored, very feminine. i spent some time here on vacation, and i stayed in a house next to a river, there was a reflection on the river, with transparency and reflection of silver, and in the morning here, but also in france the sky is incredible, it is a little bit pink, tender, and that's what i wanted to recreate with the eyes.