The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock launches

Fresh off a Fila collaboration, The Hundreds has turned to iconic artist drip paint Jackson Pollock for its next collection.

The Hundreds

The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock collection includes a canvas work jacket, a series of printed T-shirts, headwear and shorts. Home goods and lifestyle accessories in the collection include a skateboard deck, an ash tray, a puzzle and a Modernica fiberglass shell chair.

The collection features a print designed from the secret paint splatters on the floor of Pollock's studio in New York. When the artist moved into the studio he had it winterized in 1953. The Masonite floor covering was removed during renovations to turn the studio into a museum which revealed more of the artist's signature paint splatters, the source of The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock print.

The Hundreds' founder Bobby Hundreds explained more of the inspiration for the collection. Pollock is one of his favorite artists because of his action painting style and the artist's reputation for thinking differently.

Bobby Hundreds said, "You’d think that after centuries of artistic exploration, there’d be nothing new under the sun in terms of technique. But, pushed to the edge... Jackson Pollock stumbled onto a new frontier" making his work relevant for new generations.

The collection launches today at The Hundreds' flagship stores as well as online. Price points for the eleven-piece collection include $38 for tees and hats to $500 for the already sold out chair.

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