Savile Row Company introduces eco-friendly packaging

Online men’s tailoring brand Savile Row Company has switched to 100% recyclable packaging and pledged to eradicate all single-use plastic across the company.

Savile Row Company

The family-run business, whose shirt bags were already made of recycled plastic, has upped its sustainability efforts with new shirt bags which are plastic-free as they are made from fully composable potato starch.

Additionally, all online orders will arrive in a fully compostable and 100% recyclable paper bag in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

One of the hardest parts of introducing eco-friendly packaging was rethinking the large number of pins and collar inserts which are used to make shirts keep their shape throughout delivery, the company said. To ensure shirts are well presented in a plastic-free manner, the firm’s packaging designers created several cardboard pieces to keep the shirts flat and folded neatly.

“We invested in fully recyclable and compostable packaging because we care about our impact on the planet,” commented Jeffrey Doltis, owner and managing director of the Savile Row Company.

“We also know that our customers feel strongly about reducing their carbon footprint. It is our aim to eradicate single use plastic across the company, from our offices, to our production warehouses to what our customers receive”.
The launch of a packaging comes after a survey of 1,000 UK consumers revealed that 63% of respondents consider eco-friendly packaging very important.

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