Pep&Co reveals expansion plans

British high street value retailer Pep&Co continues to expand in the UK.


The retailer recently announced that it will open 10-15 stores on the UK high street this autumn. Now, it has revealed that another 20 new stores will open over the next 12 months, for 35 stores in total.

Pep&Co, which is backed by South African retail magnate Christo Wiese, has seen consistent 2016 sales growth and a positive customer reaction to ITV’s new docusoap Bargain Shop Wars, in which it stars. This has helped drive significant footfall to Pep&Co's existing stores and over 20,000 people have so far asked Pep&Co to open on their high street on website Bring Me Pep.

During the first transmissions of Bargain Shop Wars, up to 35 requests per second were being made online to its online store locator. Pep&Co said it will reflect the feedback from the customers when choosing its next locations.

Pep&Co is currently recruiting more staff for temporary summer and Christmas roles, as well as temporary jobs at its distribution centre.

"Around five hundred of us came together last year to help us launch Pep&Co and now we’re ready to bring new Pep stars on board," said Pep&Co managing director Adrian Mountford.

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