Palmer's debuts new natural sheet mask... for the body

Sheet masks have become the go-to pick-me-up for a fresh looking complexion, but would you use one on your body? Skincare staple Palmer's is hoping so, after expanding its top-selling ‘Coconut Oil Formula' line with the first ‘body firming sheet mask' to launch in the US.

Sized to fit curvy body parts such as the thighs, hips, arms and abdomen, each ‘Coconut Oil Body Firming Sheet Mask' promises to tone and tighten the skin by improving microcirculation, thanks to a combination of natural ingredients such as Brazilian guarana and cupuacu. Much like a face mask, the brand recommends placing the sheet onto the area of skin you would like to target and leaving it for 10 minutes, before massaging in the remaining product.

Palmer's is also launching a new ‘Coconut Oil Anti-Oxidant Firming Lotion', a hydrating body product that features seaweed, sweet almond oil and caffeine to help ease fluid retention for smoother-looking skin.

In keeping with the growing trend for natural beauty solutions, both of the new products contain over 94% naturally sourced ingredients and no animal-derived ingredients, as well as being free from parabens, gluten or dyes.

The concept of ‘sheet masking' has snowballed over the past few years to become a mainstream at-home beauty treatment, with the masks themselves becoming increasingly innovative. Recent trends include glitter masks, bubble masks and even magnetic masks, thanks to famous pioneers such as Madonna, whose beauty line MDNA Skin launched its magnetic ‘Chrome Clay Mask' in the US earlier this year.

The 'Coconut Oil Body Firming Sheet Mask' and ‘Coconut Oil Anti-Oxidant Firming Lotion' are now available at Walmart stores, priced at $6 and $8 respectively.

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