Mintel reveals tops trends driving beauty market in 2018

Natural ingredients, personalisation, social responsibility and digital innovation will be the key forces driving the beauty and personal care market in 2018, according to a new report by market intelligence agency Mintel.


The company identified the key trends that will impact the market over the coming year, dividing them into four overarching themes, including natural beauty, new beauty rules, social responsibility and digital technology.


“Mintel predicts that the beauty and personal care market will experience a fundamental shift during 2018,” says Vivienne Rudd, Director of Global Innovation and Insight, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel.

“In the coming year and beyond, the beauty industry will navigate the conflicting demands of the ‘naturals-hungry’ consumer with shrinking natural resources and it will be through harnessing biotech advantages that a new generation of enhanced natural products is created.”

Local sourcing and production of safe, allergen-free, pure ingredients will become essential in the year ahead as eco-conscious consumers continue to gravitate towards environmentally-friendly products, according to Mintel. This will shift the industry to a more ‘local’ approach and drive brands to venture into biotechnology to expand the existing array of ingredients.


Brands will also stop targeting consumers based on their age, gender or body type and start providing personalised solutions for individual beauty concerns.

“Personalisation is set to reach new heights as brands strive to embrace total inclusivity,” says Rudd, who believes brands will remove labels that are based on simple characteristics in favour for a more diverse offering.

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Brands will have to develop a human-like personality that is relatable, personable, and sincere if they want to impress socially-minded consumers. In 2018 and beyond, there will be a focus on funding educational projects rather than simply giving money to charity, and environmental and ethical issues will be at the forefront as Millennials and Generation Z place greater emphasis on the world around them.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that initiatives go beyond corporate social responsibility and truly give back to society, says Mintel.


“Finally, developments in biometric monitoring will see brands drive unprecedented customisation of the shopping experience,” concludes Rudd. Mintel predicts that the growing use of biometric data will help brands offer time-pressed consumers a more intuitive shopping experience.

Eye tracking, heart rate, body language, and speech reveal habitual and subconscious behaviour, providing valuable insights into consumer habits without bias.  The days of social media being purely social are long gone as companies transform these online interactions into shopper opportunities, says Mintel.

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