Mdna Skin launches at Barneys in LA

Madonna has launched her Mdna Skin restorative and rejuvenating luxury skincare line exclusively with Barneys.

Mdna Skin, Barneys

Mdna Skin is a luxury line based on the results gleaned from Madonna's on-tour oxygen facials. The collection features six products including a Chrome Clay Mask that uses a magnetic rejuvenator to remove the mask with no mess when held over the skin. The other products in the range are a serum, a rose mist, a face wash, and an eye serum.

Madonna enlisted the support of her personal dermatologist, Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D., to consult on the line. He said, “This is a product you’d normally see in an office setting," calling it professional grade. He told Barneys that "Madonna never does anything half-way," explaining why it is now available on the luxury market.

The brand launched in Japan in 2014, in part because her business partner MTG is based in Japan. Japan also was a logical market to launch because skincare is a large focus there. The brand has been well received in Japan which helped bump up its US launch date.

The music icon explained to Barneys on its blog her inspiration for creating the line. She said she needed skincare products that were easy to use but actually worked. In her words, "I was punishing my skin with the lifestyle I lead.”

While Dr. Frank has contributed medical knowledge to the collection, Madonna also said she has been involved in every step of development. She tested, rejected and made suggestions for each product. She said, "I was developing these products for myself as much as anyone else."

Madonna envisions a full line of body products in the future, mentioning Japanese consumers who use a 13 step approach to skincare and saying that while she did not have time for that, she still wanted to bring a quality collection to the market in the US.

Mdna Skin items include a 120ml bottle of facial wash for $50, 100ml of the Chrome Clay Mask for $220 and the skin rejuvenator set for $600. It is now available exclusively at Barneys and online through Mdna Skin's e-commerce site.

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