Lush gives a boost to its spa treatments as it unveils experiential short film

Cosmetics retailer Lush has unveiled a creative short film illustrating the effects its spa treatments have on the body to help customers understand the experience.


The company offers sensory spa treatments such as facials, deep-tissue massages and baths at 8 spa locations across Britain. The treatments are completed with music and special fragrances to create an entirely immersive experience.

To help customers visualise the immersive nature of the service, the company used biometric data captured from a spa treatment and produced an artistic rendition of the body’s response.


“How does one visualise let alone communicate such a personal and internal multi-sensory experience of our spa? The challenge was to do justice to the immense skill, development and attention to detail our treatments go through. In response we created a film that sets the raw data free, providing a visual representation of the body’s natural response to Lush Spa,” said Lush creative lead Tom Griffiths.

The company engaged in a lengthy R&D process to capture live sensory data, measuring the impact on both mind and body, including changes in heart rate, brain activity, muscle movement, sense of touch and breathing. The video was created in partnership with creative agency Mill+.

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