Kenzo mixes fashion and Nigerian culture in new project

Titled “Gidi gidi bu ugwu eze,” which translates to Unity is Strength, the latest project from Kenzo proposes a new way to look at fashion through the medium of photography. 
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In collaboration with the curator and producer Akinola Davies Jr, along with photographer Ruth Ossai and stylist Ibrahim Kamara, the project is focused on the brand’s Summer 2017/18 collection.
The group traveled to Nigeria to shoot in the city of Nsukka, capturing the products in various ceremonies and rituals in the indigenous Igbo community. The concept celebrates the culture, tradition and beauty of the major popular festivals of Nsukka. 
The images taken during the trip will be compiled and published in the first edition of Kenzo Folio, a trimestral publication dedicated to highlighting the stories behind Kenzo’s creations. 
A video on the project will also accompany each copy and will be screened for the first time on April 27 in Kenzo’s London store and online. 

Translated by Emily Jensen

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