Giorgio Armani: "I didn't see anything new in Milan"

Giorgio Armani has created a collection revolving entirely around black velvet for next winter. "A real challenge," according to the Milan-based designer, who thus voluntarily went against the grain of the other extremely decorative, colourful and eclectic looks that hit the runway during Milan Fashion Week.


"I didn't see anything new during this fashion week. I would've like to have seen at least a few collections proposing a strong and precise idea. Instead, everything is mixed. It's clear that by mixing everything, we risk nothing," criticised the designer to the press right after his show.

No smoking gun ideas or inspired collections "by artists or books". Giorgio Armani prefers concrete proposals.

"It's difficult for a lot of designers to stay true to their positions without succumbing to the countless outside influences. But often, these suggestions come from the fashion system itself. I'm also aware of the difficulty of working in the constantly changing world of today," he nevertheless added.

"You have to follow the market but not give in to it. In the end, the goal is to have the clothes leave the stores," he concluded.

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