Fashion sector beats beauty as the biggest spender on influencer marketing

Fashion brands are spending approximately 1.5 times more on influencer marketing than beauty labels, as a new survey reveals that when it comes to paid Instagram posts, the fastest growing sector is fitness.

Photo: Chiara Ferragni

CampaignDeus, an independent benchmarking and measurement company, analysed almost 700,000 influencer posts on Instagram between January and June 2018.

It found that fashion and style brands account for 34% of all brand sponsored posts on Instagram, followed by beauty brands with a 21% share. The next largest are Food & Drink, with 16% of all Instagram branded posts in this sector.

However, brands should be more careful with their selection of influencers, as 12% of UK influencers show signs of having bought fake followers on Instagram in the last six months. Additionally, there might be a temptation to team up with bigger names, but the data revealed that influencers with under 100,000 followers achieve on average a 60% higher engagement rate for branded posts compared to those with over 100,000. 

Some of the most effective tactics for boosting engagement include competitions and giveways, brand ambassador, product promotions and discount codes, according to the research. Selfies and full shots of the influencer outperform product-only shots by 40% and  including animals in a shot also helps increase engagement potential.

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