Estanislao Carpio is MTNG Experience's new general director

MTNG Experience has just named Estanislao Carpio as its new executive general director. Carpio, the former director of Adolfo Domínguez and Camper, will report to president Pascual Ros and the company management. 

Estanislao Carpio, the new general director of MTNG Experience - MTNG Experience

The appointment marks the beginning of a new stage for the Elche-based footwear, accessories and apparel group. Carpio’s goals will include the consolidation of MTNG leadership in the Spanish market, accelerating the company’s growth at the international level, increasing its brand’s notoriety, and transforming its digital presence. 

Carpio earned his degree in industrial engineering from Madrid’s Polytechnic University. He’s developed the majority of his career in the fashion industry and in the past 16 years has held positions in the Camper Group, of which he was general director until 2007 and operations director until 2012, when he became general director of Adolfo Domínguez.

The company was founded in 1981 in the southern Spanish town of Elche by Pascual Ros and is currently controlled by his four sons. MTNG Experience was founded in 2010 as the group’s development center, which specializes in design, production, distribution, and the commercialization of its footwear and accessories lines and handbag brands, which includes Sixtyseven, Mariamare, Mustang, Wau, Estefanía Marco and Hannibal Laguna.

In 2016 the group achieved 82 million euros in business, representing a 12 percent increase from the previous year. MTNG Experience is already found in more than 50 countries throughout Europe and the Americas, and oversees 300 employees. 

Translated by Emily Jensen

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