British Nobel Prize winner's company launches Noble luxury anti-ageing skincare

Here’s a skincare launch that looks interesting and given the scepticism some consumers express when presented with skincare science, it’s also got some pretty impressive credentials.


PanaceaNano, a company launched two years ago, has unveiled its first product line, Noble, describing it as “the most advanced and high-tech premium luxury anti-ageing skincare product line”.

Bold claim. But it’s the result of the work of Nobel Price winner Sir Fraser Stoddart, who’s co-founder and chief technology officer of the company.

The launch comes at a time when niche brands and medically- or at least science-based formulations are resonating more strongly with consumers looking to get maximum value for money, even those can afford the highest end products.

And in a market where competition for space in-store and online is intense, a unique story is always an advantage
Its claimed breakthrough technology is based on patented Organic Nano-Cube (ONC) molecules, which are made up of hollow cubes. These are said to work as molecular reservoirs to store and release skincare active ingredients in an extended release formulation directly onto the skin in a controlled manner. This should allow for “continuous skin revitalisation, renewal and repair over a longer period of time.”

The company also said that unlike some other technologies, with ONC the user gets more than just extended release. ONC molecules provide “tuneable release profiles that are engineered for delayed and multiple release of different ingredients that each have their own characteristics.” They’re controllable at a smaller nano-scale to better control the individual molecular ingredients.

The company has summed this up in the tagline “Skin Care with Molecular Precision” as it says ONC molecules “really control the release of active skincare ingredients at the molecular level, instead of just putting the ingredients in a macroscopic slow-release matrix like other products in the market today.”

For the customer, this should mean the anti-ageing ingredients are working on their skin for longer compared to immediate-release formulations and the firm says users should "notice relatively visible results within two weeks, while significant results are observed by most consumers after 10 to 12 weeks.”

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