Asics tests microwave technology for instant shoe customization

Asics and Tayin Research & Development Co. have been working together to test how using a microwave could make custom colored running shoe soles in a matter of seconds.


Asics has been experimenting with a microwave process that takes 15 seconds to deliver custom colored soles. In the future it could also mean customers could get instant customization on the spot, instead of having to wait for their orders to be fulfilled.

In addition to cutting down on manufacturing time, Asics estimates microwave production reduces Asics' energy use by 90 percent compared to standard production techniques.

While only in test phases at this point, Asics expects microwave production will offer customers unlimited color choices. Additionally the technique will be applicable on both uppers and midsoles.

Paul Miles, Senior General Manager, Global Marketing Division, Asics Corporation said, “The introduction of this production technique could offer future footwear fans an innovative fashion fix in the form of customizing their shoes before their very eyes."

Asics plans to roll out microwave production on select footwear ranges in the future.

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