Adidas launches StellaSport 

On 15 January, Adidas will launch Adidas StellaSport. Designed under the creative leadership of Stella McCartney, this sportswear line dedicated to girls is a collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. Fun and colourful pieces that are meant just as much for the gym as the street.

Photo: Adidas StellaSport

The German kit supplier has been working with the British designer for more than 10 years, but while the Adidas collection by Stella McCartney offers refined and rather high-end pieces, StellaSport is aimed at a younger public.

Indeed, according to Sportswear International, the new line from Adidas - which nevertheless comprises more than a hundred pieces - is mainly addressed at teenagers and young adults aged 17-19, and all of it ranging from 15 to 80 euros.

Adidas already has a fast fashion label dedicated to teenagers in Neo, which is currently growing in Europe.

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