Kristina Fidelskaya- Women's ready to wear show Spring/Summer 2018 in Paris (with interview)

Designer: Kristina FidelskayaCollection: The first collection presented in Paris on the edge of Fashion Week. Kristina Fidelskaya was a fashion label that launched in 2014 by a Ukrainian designer who’s based in Dubai and produces in Italy. An ‘effortless’ wardrobe which mixes sportswear spirit in an urban and practical fashion, not forgetting a certain femininity seen through figure-hugging sculptural silhouettes.To note: The supple trench is revisited, the fluid trousers with strips down the side fall to the ankles, the jacket which is rounded at the hips; the iconic dress coat that is reinterpreted each season, the striped hooded jackets and the muslin dress worn over trousers.Interview from Kristina Fidelskaya:We select a very high quality of fabrics, for us it’s very important for her to feel comfortable. Today a life is... a woman she is so busy, she is always in a rush, and that’s why she has to be in a kind of sport, casual comfortable way. But if you can see our sport’s heritage, it’s here already but we’ve tried to make it in a very feminine way. I want to show, for example, this. This is like a man style jacket but what we did, is we did it in a very feminine way. You can see that we did some kind of shape, we attached extra fabrics here and we made this very interesting shape so for now it’s like a dress coat because it’s our iconic piece that is always in our collection, you can find a dress coat that you can wear as a dress or as a coat. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

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