Emporio Armani - Spring Summer Collection 2013 in Milan

In Milan, in his bunker -a huge architectural space and exhibition venue in the heart of the city-, Mr. Armani firstly presents his second line Emporio before the Giorgio fashion show which will take place Sunday, September 23. Softness and lightness make an appearance for summer 2013. Short suits lead the way, followed by very light dresses, in silk and satin, in terracotta or pastel tones. The scarf becomes the common theme and appears on most outfits, creating a draping effect, and often attached by a strap or suspenders. Graphic t-shirts in black and white are coordinated with mini-skirts in gold and silver. A jacket with tiny woven squares of blush leather, followed by another in pink, cause sensation. Multiple short pinafore dresses, ideal for summer evenings, successfully closed the show.

Music from fashion show

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