- Captain Angie

Up to date uniforms or the codes for glamorized uniforms (Up To Date Uniformes ou les codes de l'Uniforme glamourisés).

Hijacking and customization of uniform pieces, vintage reminiscence and a few references to the history of the uniform cleverly changed (odd buttons, yokes, large frogs, elbow and knee pads in anachronistic material; frock coat changed into a short jacket, visible and contrasting shoulder pads; large rivets…)

Cotton gabardine with a crackling finish, technical look with a twilled maxi material, wadded nylon, linen and organic dye.
Pallet: military blue, officer white, true red, bush khaki, sand beige, swamp green, wild duck blue.

Story uniforms for trendy costumes / graphic elements and military badges, stewardesses’ badges… pressed military officer buttons; contrasting stripes, "necklace" zippers and prints – large battle pockets – revised camouflage prints; planes, lead soldiers, pin-ups, playful decorations and printed medals.

-The khaki comfort baggy (feminized) / the belted sarouel pants
-The everlasting bomber, quilted, customized
-The Scottish stewardess shirt dress with initials

Courtesy Fashionpanorama.

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Ready-to-wearFall-Winter 2011