Facebook named most accurate digital channel for customer service

New research by multichannel and multilingual customer interaction management software Eptica says Facebook is the most accurate digital channel for customer service in the UK.


Retailers in the UK answered 59% of questions asked on Facebook successfully, compared with 55% on email and 45% on Twitter. However, in the US, Facebook came in second - retailers successfully responded to 73% of queries asked via email, 54% on Facebook, and just 20% on Twitter.

The Eptica Multichannel Consumer Experience Study looked at 40 leading UK retailers, split between 4 sectors (food & wine, consumer electronics, entertainment and fashion.) They were given 10 routine questions via the web and were rated based on their speed and accuracy when replying to email, Twitter, Facebook and chat.

“Retailers on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be adopting fundamentally different strategies when it comes to customer service,” said Olivier Njamfa, CEO and co-founder, Eptica. “What the Eptica research demonstrates is that retailers in the UK and US are focusing on specific channels, rather than adopting a truly multichannel approach that delivers high levels of service, whatever the customer’s channel of choice. Companies need to learn from each other and deliver a consistent experience if they are to thrive in increasingly global markets."

This was the first year that Eptica had surveyed Facebook customer service in the UK and it was the most accurate channel, though there were disrepancies in how good companies were at replying.

Eptica also found evidence that a growing number of companies are switching off the email channel. 88% of retailers offered email to non-customers, 10% fewer than in 2015.

When it came to the performance of different retail sectors, fashion came out on top, answering 68% of questions on the web, email and Twitter, followed by electronics retailers at 55%. Food and wine came in third place and entertainment last. The Eptica study also looked at businesses in banking, utilities, telecoms, electronics manufacturers, travel companies and insurers, and found that retail consistently outscored the overall average of all ten sectors on email, Twitter and Facebook.

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