Conde Nast joins Vox and NBC in an unprecedented digital advertising partnership

Conde Nast announced that it would join forces with NBCUniversal and Vox Media to sell ads across their combined digital properties. Together the three entities will form a major force in the industry, designed to win over millennials, and compete with digital advertising giants like Facebook and Google.  

Image credit: Vox - Foto: Vox

The three companies' digital networks will distribute high-performing mobile video and branded content, reaching over 200 million consumers and 99% of millennials. By combining forces, the companies are able to give advertisers reach across a variety of popular media platforms, from fashion (Conde Nast’s Vogue) to food (Vox’s,
Vox and NBCU partnered up last year to form Concert -- an advertising marketplace for high-quality content and its audiences. The new partnership also incorporates Spire, Conde Nast’s behavioral data-tracking platform, which delivers digital behavioral data with online and offline purchase data and enables advertisers to optimize and personalize their campaigns in real-time. The ability to target consumers across social media was recently added to Spire.
“Through this partnership, we and Vox Media are thrilled to join with Condé Nast – another like-minded premium content company – to not only deliver that quality content, but also reach over 200 million consumers like never before,” Linda Yaccarino, NBCU’s chairman of advertising sales and client partnerships, said in a statement.

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