Brandless expands into the beauty market

Brandless is taking a democratic approach to clean beauty. The e-commerce startup, which sells unbranded items for $3 each, has announced that it is taking on the beauty and personal care sector with the launch of its Fall 2017 Clean Beauty Collection.  

The brand's new green tea and aloe shave gel - Photo: Brandless

The company is giving a boost to its eco-friendly image, selecting green tea and aloe as a base for five of the six products that make up the range: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shave gel and body lotion. The line also includes a grapefruit facial cleanser. All are priced at $3 each, which, the brand explains, is possible due to its elimination of the brand tax.

The low price range is an essential feature of the company's community-driven ethos, according to founder Ido Leffler. "For me this is personal ... that everyone can get natural and organic, clean beauty products at a value proposition that makes sense for everyone," Leffler told CNBC ahead of the launch, noting that the introduction of beauty products had also been highly requested by customers.

The new line will join the 300 SKUs already sold by Brandless on its direct-to-consumer website.  Founded in July 2017 by consumer goods entrepreneur Ido Leffler and natural beauty veteran Tina Sharkey, the San Francisco and Minneapolis-based company focused on quality and transparency for a community-driven approach. Its strategy is appealing not just to millennial shoppers, who famously distrust the corporate image of national brands and mass-advertising, but also to investors – the brand has already attracted over $50 million in investment.

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