Bluebella launches campaign with Oxford Circus catwalk show

British lingerie label Bluebella staged a daring catwalk show featuring 19 of its most loyal Instagram followers on the famous diagonal crossing at Oxford Circus on Wednesday to launch its new campaign ‘Dare To Bare’.


The models, including a medical PA, a company boss, four students, two actors, a musician and a fashion merchandiser, walked through Oxford Circus wearing the brand’s lingerie when the green man was flashing, attracting a big crowd of onlookers.

Emily Bendell, chief executive of the label, said the campaign was organised ahead of London Fashion Week and celebrates the company’s unique approach to life.

“We have a history of shoots demonstrating both our commitment to celebrating diversity in beauty and of celebrating the city around us and this was the most exciting yet. We put out an appeal on Instagram and were amazed at the response. A lot of the women who posed had suffered from body confidence issues in the past and saw this as a fun way of overcoming them.”


The location was picked because the diagonal paths on the crossing look similar to a catwalk. "We are very much a London brand, constantly inspired by the city around us, and this is an iconic London landmark so it seemed like a great fit,” said Bendell.

"Big crowds gathered to watch the models as news of the shoot spread, despite it being early."

The Bluebella team had feared that they would have to cancel the show when police arrived, but once the two officers realised the women were only posing for pictures when the green man was flashing, they joined in the fun and posed for pictures.

 “We would like to thank the police for their support - they were brilliant sports,” commented Bendell.

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