Average British woman is 5ft 5", weighs 11st and wears size 16, according to report

New research has found that today’s British women are taller, curvier and bustier than their counterparts 60 years ago.

Image: Bluebella

In the 1950s the average British woman was 5ft 2ins, weighted 9st 10lbs, had size 3 feet and was a dress size 12.

Flash forward 60 years and the shape of the typical British woman has changed dramatically. Today’s ‘Miss Average’ is 5ft 5in, weighs 11st, has a shoe size of 6 and wears a dress size 16.

The most striking change is her bra size, with women today wearing on average a bra size of 36DD compared with 34B 60 years ago.

Kim Kardashian has the same bust size as the 2017 average

According to the research, compiled by British lingerie brand Bluebella, 2017's Miss Average is far more body conscious that her 1957 equivalent.

“She is much healthier than her Fifties counterpart and devotes around 30% more of her income to her wardrobe,” said Bluebella chief executive Emily Bendell.

“This is reflected in the size of her lingerie collection which is twice the size of 1950s woman. She now has an average of 12 bras compared to just six in the 1950s."

Bendell highlighted how much Miss Average has changed over the last 60 years, transitioning from a petite figure to a more full figured silhouette similar to Kim Kardashian’s.

This has presented real challenges for designers and lingerie brands, however brands including Bluebella have adapted to the evolving demand with collections such as More by Bluebella, a collection of lingerie pieces for a curvier woman.

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