Bread & Butter: Karl-Heinz Müller wants to clean shop

Karl-Heinz Müller, Bread & Butter
The summer holidays are barely over, and Karl-Heinz Müller is already announcing the new colors of the season: back to basics, back to the leitmotif of Bread & Butter, meaning a trade show for select brands.

In a statement in the form of an open letter, the event co-founder advises brands that they need to prepare for the changes. “Big Time – for the bold & brave brands” is the motto for the upcoming event, which will take place from January 15 to 17. And this is meant to be taken literally,” warns Karl-Heinz Müller in the first sentence. 

The event had to face criticism in July for the presence of certain brands, apparently prompting its boss to recognize that it needs to get back to the notion of an urban and street community. In other words, the show needs to be more selective, both for large and small labels, in order to create an exceptional environment and recreate an atmosphere true to BBB. “Mutual acceptance has been the foundation of our concept from the very beginning; it’s the most important key to our common success. We will reposition Bread & Butter for the future. As of now, we will only accept brands and labels enjoying the necessary acceptance in the community. This applies to bigger brands, but also to smaller labels,” says Müller. 

He says that he is willing to take the risk of reducing the total exhibition area and consequently lose exhibitors, even those who have been part of the event for many seasons. “We are aware that the whole fashion industry will face great challenges in the future. As the leading international trade show in the appealing street and urbanwear segment, Bread & Butter has to remain a driving force and must take on the responsibility.” 

He states that the next edition will introduce new areas and that those exhibitors who have to step down will be notified in the next few days.

This statement comes just when the Panorama Berlin fair, organized by the Premium group, has decided to focus on a more commercial segment in January. In addition, Karl-Heinz Müller took the opportunity to debunk two rumors. He is very proud of his company and has no intention to sell it, nor does he want to leave Berlin.

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